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Memgrain's AI study tools are completely FREE as we continue to perfect them.

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  1. Upload your material or choose a topic

  2. GPT creates your cards and you provide feedback

  3. Once approved, the cards are sent to Memgrain

  4. Use the provided link* to study them via our spaced repetition algorithm

Transform Information into Simple, AI-Powered Flashcards for Easy Review


Use AI to convert notes, PDFs, lecture slides, webpages, audio files and more into interactive flashcards within seconds..


Instantly study using one of our algorithms or download your cards for Anki.


Edit or chat with your flashcards to gain insights, and quiz yourself, all powered by our AI.

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Use AI to memorize anything from a short inspirational quote to your next presentation or speech..


First letters, mnemonics, chunking and more. There's a technique you can use to memorize anything.


Save what you are memorizing and review it with our spaced repetition algorithm

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Summary of Good to Great by Jim Collins

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Courage, dear heart.

C.S. Lewis

Built by Learners, for Learners

Founded by knowledge crazed PhD students, this platform empowers lifelong learners to unlock their fullest potential. Memgrain specializes in personalized learning experiences, ensuring knowledge retention for what truly matters to you.


Distinct in Memgrain's approach, it blends academic rigor with innovative technology, setting new standards in educational tools. Our commitment to your learning journey reflects the core of our values—transforming the way knowledge is absorbed and retained.

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